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Hitd covideochat

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Viber, the popular instant messaging service and Whats App’s chief rival, has fallen behind a bit in the past year or so.

Moreover, Viber – which was founded by American-Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco – has revamped its mobile i OS/Android client with video messages, an improved voice engine said to help improve call quality and lots more.Small wonder then that Viber in a major move on Tuesday announced a brand new desktop application for Mac and Windows PCs.Available as a free download from the Viber’s web site, Viber for Mac lets you send free messages as well as make free calls to other Viber a video-chat site that pairs you with a complete stranger for you to chat with.To start chatting with your partner, simply hit the blue "start" button.It makes sense that people will want to use this technology as they use e-mail and Twitter today: to reach out to companies to solve their problems.

A customer can now SHOW the support rep what is wrong, and not have to try and explain the unexplainable in a series of 20 questions – just point and say “this doesn’t work.” For businesses that are ready, this means shorter calls, potentially happier customers and greater efficiency.

Video calling has replaced plain old fashioned phone sex and it’s about to put older cam sites to rest. Even grandma knows how to use apps such as Skype and oo Voo.

In the context of adult services, it is similar to voice-only.

– Click or tap the picture to access his or her profile page.

– Locate the on the right side or the screen, and click/tap it – Your browser will open a new tab and ask you for permission to use your webcam and microphone, answer yes to both.

So just log in, get some free credits and hit the ‘video chat’ button to get the party started!