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As far as I've been able to deduce, Constantine's only ever spoken to one writer: the man who created him, Alan Moore.According to Moore, he ran into John years after he'd stopped writing him, and the wisecracking mage whispered 13 words to him: Of course, it's unlikely that a fictional character literally manifested himself in the real world (though one never knows, of course).

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Well, brains, magic (mind-reading and gambling a specialty!

), bullshit, and not infrequently the power of his own reputation.

Although he is a Badass Long Coat Anti-Hero, he's portrayed as being a poor fighter (unless he's fighting dirty or gets the first punch in), generally eschews guns, and is actually not that powerful a sorcerer.

Instead, he uses his to outwit, trick and manipulate his enemies.

"For a few moments I considered following but thought better of it. Brian Azzarello saw him at a Chicago bar in the early aughts but avoided him.