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• You may not be able to rotate images shot with other cameras. Table of contents 1 Set the camera to shooting mode. On Off Notes • To avoid blurring of images, hold the camera firmly until the shutter is released.• When viewing images on a computer, the image rotation information may not be reflected depending on the software. It usually takes a second, correct the image with [Retouch] t [Red Eye Correction] on the viewing menu or with the supplied software "PMB". MENU/Settings Search Cannot ..., you can print images with the date superimposed if the printer or the software can recognize Exif information.

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Both cameras are small enough to fit into your pocket or bag, and a lot easier carry around than lugging an interchangeable lens camera system with you at all times.Not much has changed in overall styling with the new TX100V, but there have been some huge changes in screen and capture technology.Available in red, silver and black, the camera measures 3.9 x 2.4 x 0.72 (W x H x D in inches), tipping the scales at 5.2 ounces with battery and card.- Tried to enable in Prefer Quality Over Speed and in Dither to the bitmap - New some libs - Only 14mbit HD Video recording Version 4.1 Camera Mod Super Fast Capture, Smooth HD Recording & HQ Stereo Audio Video Recording Changelog : - Remodded Semc Camera UI - Very Smooth For HD Video Recording with 14mbit - Added 3MP 4:3 options, 3MP16:9 Does Not Support - New Some libs for Video Recording - Format HD Video Recording changed to MPEG4 from H264 for better performance smooth - Improved Image Quality Version 4.2 Camera Mod Super Fast Capture, Smooth HD Recording & HQ Stereo Audio Video Recording Changelog : - Changed Default Photo Quality & Set JPEGQuality for More Detail Image - Improved HD Video Audio to 256kbps From 128kbps - Fixed All the bitmap to ARGB8888 from RGB565 - Reduce Noise 5% - Fixed Label 3MP 4:3 on All Language Version Camera Mod 4.3 What's New : - New Label/Name Cybershot - Changed Image & Video Quality to High - Bugs Fixes Version Camera Mod 4.4 Cybershot Experience What's New : - Fixed Label/Name Cybershot On All Langunge - Fixed Image Quality to High - Fixed HDR on All Mode in Auto Scene - Added Parameter Auto HDR on Semc Camera UI - New Auto HDR_Rizal Lovins-res-overlay compiled from - Small Improved Quality 3D Panorama - Changed RGB_565 to ARGB_8888 in 3D Panorama - Renamed Cybershot to Cyber-shot™ - Renamed 3D Camera to Cyber-shot™ 3D Panorama - New Camera Common - Fixed Version detail Cyber-shot™ from 1.0.0 to 6.7.1 & Cyber-shot™ 3D Panorama to 6.7.0 - Optimazing Led Flash For All - Optimazing Torch/Flash For Xperia Ray - Optimazing Video - New Wfd Service with Driver - New Camera Driver from SONY & Camera Driver Qualcomm - Fixed Camera Extension - More stable Cyber-shot™ Application - More Colorfull Photo in certain conditions - Bitrate HD Video Recording For All MDPI Device Changed to 14mbit - Zip Aligned for better performance Cyber-shot™ Application ### On Cyber-shot™ 6.7.2 Just bug fix for some user does not work - Fixed 3D Panorama Not Working - Fixed Cyber-shot™ Not Working - But Version Detail Back to 1.0.0 - Relpaced Scene Recognition with Superior Auto - Relpaced Parameter Auto Scene with Superior Auto - Faster Scene - New Driver - Accuracy of color images - Video Recording back to H264 - Fixed 3D Panorama with little improvement - More faster Saving Picture ( Required SD Card class 10 ) - Bug fix Download Cybershot 7.1.2 For Xperia 2011 HDPI (Arc/S, Neo/V, Xperia Pro, Ray) - New Semc Camera UI from Xperia J Build Number Camera 2.We have a direct link to download Sony DSC-W310 drivers, firmware and other resources directly from the Sony site.GB have been confirmed to operate properly with the camera. Settings MENU/Settings Search Setting items 12 TV Viewing images on a TV 71 Index Computer Using with your computer 73 Using the software 74 Connecting the camera to a computer 76 Uploading images to a media service 78 Printing Printing still images 80 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 82 Warning messages 90 6GB Cyber-shot® Handbook - Page 51 Rotate Rotates a still image.

In this manual, the term "Memory Stick Duo" media is... Be careful when placing the camera near a window or outdoors. Use this to display a horizontal orientation image in vertical orientation. cannot rotate the movies and protected still images.

Do your own hands-on with camera, as you may find the controls to be too small. The speaker is a small slit at the beveled back edge, and there’s a playback button nearby. Since this is a touchscreen, there’s a minimal amount of buttons, dials and controls — everything is handled by the touch interface.

NOTE: If you want to use New Cyber-shot™ in your own ROMs, I really don't have anything, but please, before you do that, speak to me first.

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Cyber-shot® Handbook - Page 3 Notes on using the camera Notes on the types of the memory card that you can use (sold separately) The following memory cards are compatible with this camera: "Memory Stick PRO Duo" ...

55GB Cyber-shot® Handbook - Page 62 USB Connect Selects the USB mode when connecting the camera to a computer or a Pict Bridge-compliant printer using the dedicated USB cable. For compatibility with Exif information, consult the manufacturer of the printer or the software. Cyber-shot® Handbook - Page 97 ...-weighted metering ...42 Change REC.