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Once you have successfully created your account Chatwee, you find yourself in your control panel, which you will use each time you want to change the settings.

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" We won't give ability to change triggers because we want users to know that if you are in chatroom in any bot then you always know trigger how to leave it.If the room does not require an invitation to enter ( not members-only) then any occupant can send invitations. If logging is activated the room conversation will be saved to the database every couple of minutes.On the other hand, if the room is members-only and occupants cannot send invitation then only the room owners and admins are allowed to send invitations. The saving frequency is the same for all the rooms and can be configured by changing the property “timeout”.A collection with the current list of room members.We have the script copied to the clipboard already, now we have to put it in the appropriate place on your site in Weebly Editor.

Log on to Weebly Editor and if you are running more than one sites, select the proper Site where you want to have Chatwee working.

To change chat room message read access, modify the Chat message access control rule or create a new rule.

For more information, see Using Access Control Rules.

Chat rooms can be linked to any task record in the following ways: To view the chat messages as a journal field, administrators can personalize the task record form to select the Chat Activity field.

The maximum number of chat messages that are displayed by this field is 1000.

For more current information, see Chat at Wiki page is no longer being updated. Administrators can associate a chat room with a record, such as an incident, and add the chat messages to a Chat Activity journal field on the form.