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User experience is all about catering the design of a product or service to fit the needs of users.

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If you think you're hip to your children's online social habits because you know all about Facebook and Twitter, you've got it all wrong.Tweens and teens are increasingly leaving these sites in favor of new apps that offer richer features and a safe haven from watchful parents.For some parents, this might be more of a trick than a treat because of the greater potential for cyberbullying, online harassment and other inappropriate activity, which can fly under the radar if you're not actively monitoring these newer sites.Tools for doing functional, soulful user experience, interaction, and usability research. We’ve assembled this over the years from our own use, UX Booth, Liz Bacon’s list, Craig Tomlin’s list, and magic. Someone from their participant pool or an "expert" will review the task.None of these companies have paid us for this placement. Both audio and screen recordings from each user session will be sent to your email inbox at the frequency that matches your plan (1, 3, or 5x per week)Choose test type: unmoderated or moderated. Choose how to source testers - from our panel or use your own.This course introduces the fundamentals of user experience research so that anyone can understand the benefits and start integrating research into their everyday design and development process.

Start watching to learn how to use UX research to find the answers to the most basic questions about your customers—who, what, when, why, and how—and drive better user experiences and business outcomes.

Such tools typically let participants view a Web site they are testing in a browser, with test tasks and related questions in a separate panel on the screen.

Recently, there has been a surge in the number of tools that are available for conducting unmoderated, remote usability testing—and this surge is changing the usability industry.

Here are eight scary social networking sites your teen or tween may be using: It is important for parents to talk openly with their kids about these apps and the risks they carry.

Another option is to restrict your child's access to these apps -- both the i Phone and Android devices have parental settings that you can use to block certain types of activity.

Testers receive a URL to take test or join moderated session You create tasks for participants, they see them in an iframe or window, and then they use a site while the tool gathers analytics about their behavior.