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Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa serves victims / survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities in Iowa.Monsoon’s mission is to end all forms of gender-based violence and build healthy communities through transformative justice and social change.

BANGKOK, Thailand, 7 June 2016 – Fourteen-year-old Nicole is a confident and outgoing girl from Kuala Lumpur, or ‘KL’ as locals call it.The organization serves all 99 counties in the state.Monsoon’s programs include direct services, community outreach and education, violence prevention and technical assistance.And they are passionate about giving their machines a human touch.Soft Bank Group's pint-size robot Pepper exemplifies the trend.It speaks with a soft voice, using comical words and body language to establish an emotional connection with its human interlocutors.

Pepper also senses the mood of humans in a conversation, picking up on visual and auditory cues in people's faces and voices.

It is a continent of diverse people speaking hundreds of languages and subscribing to different cultures, beliefs and religions, living in a plethora of political, economic and social situations.

The diversity in the continent is also mirrored within the countries.

Introduction Asia has about 3.3 billion people representing 60% of the world’s population, with a large population of children and the poor.

It also has the world’s two most populous nations and systems of government that range from constitutional monarchies to republics and dictatorship.

Asia is said to have the gift of time to learn from and to act early to prevent the kind of generalised epidemic that has engulfed the African continent.