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Note that this type supports implicit conversion from is used to represent a calendar date.Internally, a date is stored as three independent integers for representing the year (-32768 to 32767), the month (-128 to 127) and the day in the month (-128 to 127).

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22 January 2015: Inmarsat will complete another significant milestone in the delivery of its transformational Global Xpress service with the scheduled launch of the Inmarsat-5 F2 (I-5 F2) satellite at GMT on Sunday 1 February.

Inmarsat-5 F2 will provide Global Xpress services to the Americas and the Atlantic Ocean Region.

Following the launch of the third Global Xpress satellite, Inmarsat-5 F3 – which is scheduled for early Q2 this year – Inmarsat is planning to commence global commercial Global Xpress services early in the second half of 2015.

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